What to Expect

The placenta is sometimes called the tree of life. It is a sacred organ that lives a short but miraculous life. Many cultures bury the placenta after birth. It is done as a sign of reverence for the sacred work the placenta performs and a symbol of respect for the placenta's death. I am honored to work with such a spiritual organ and will treat your placenta with dignity and love.

You have many options when deciding to bury your placenta. I can prepare the placenta for you, guide you through designing a ceremony, and/or preform the ceremony for you. 

Placenta processing - $100

I will prepare your placenta for burial using a ceremony to honor it. Your placenta will be returned to you in a container that is proper for the burial you desire.

You can choose from the following options:

  • have your placenta cooked and wrapped in cloth with herbs and flowers
  • have your placenta cremated* and mixed with herbs and flowers

*Cremation is performed by dehydrating the placenta and then grinding it into a powder.

Burial Ceremony guidance - $50

I will guide you through designing your burial ceremony and provide you with a printed plan. 

complete Burial Ceremony - $250

I will process your placenta, guide you through designing your burial ceremony, and then be with you to perform the ceremony. I can contribute as little or as much as you would like.