What to Expect

What is self-care anyway? There are so many blogs, websites, and buzzfeed articles talking about self-care. Let me tell you now that most of them are wrong. They reek of privilege, are consumer based, and are self-indulgent. I once thought self-care was eating a pizza and binge watching Grey’s Anatomy to escape my stress. Or going ahead and purchasing those new shoes I ‘deserved’ because I work hard, even though I can’t afford them. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes junk food and binge watching can be self-care. Most of the time they are NOT.

As a self-care doula, my goal is to guide you in creating and practicing a self-care plan that serves your overall well being. As a doula, I provide you with information, support your choices, and teach you how to advocate for yourself (to your therapist and others in your life). I am not a therapist, and will always refer you to a therapist at our initial meeting. You can find a list of therapists here. While I advocate for therapy, I do not require my clients to have a therapist.

I have developed a 6 step process to provide self-care support to my clients. Step 1 through Step 3 is the basic package. You can add step 5 and/or step 6 depending on your need.

Step 1 - Assessment

In step 1, I’ll complete an assessment of your understanding of self-care, what’s working for you so far, what isn’t working, and what are your triggers for stress and getting off track. We’ll also discuss what resources and tools of which you are aware. I’ll take that assessment and do some research on resources and tools that might work for your self-care plan.

Step 2 - Storytelling/Education

During step 2, I share my story of coming to understand what self-care means for me. We will also explore different styles of self-care and when each style is the most effective. The session will end with practicing some tools we identify as being helpful.

Step 3 - Create Self-Care Plan

Creating a daily/weekly self-care plan will happen during stage 3. We will identify tools, resources, and behaviors. We will also set schedules and goals. Don’t let this feel overwhelming, I will make sure the plan is realistic for where you are in your journey. The plan should set you up for success.

Step 4 - Crisis Assessment and Planning

For those that might require support beyond a self-care plan I have a crisis assessment and planning. Although, not limited to these folks, this step is for those who might have anxiety/depression, those who have an illness that requires consistent attention, or those who just get overwhelmed to the point of not functioning in daily life well. Have more questions about what crisis is? Email me!

Step 5 - Four Week Follow-up Support

There are two packages for Step 5. I can be your accountability partner, or we can do a deeper dive assessment.

Accountability Partner

As your accountability partner, I will support you in practicing your new self-care plan. Research suggests it takes 30 days to create a new habit. I will check in with you weekly in support of you reaching your self-care goals.

Deeper dive ASSESSMENT

Some folks are not able to identify their triggers. Some folks are not sure what tools or resources are actually working. In this month long deeper dive, I’ll ask you to journal so we can identify what is and isn’t working for you and adjust your plan.